Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snow Globes and Wombats.

I've lost count how many blog posts have I written about Betty Jo Giveaways. There's been quite a few over the years that Lino Forest has been alive..........just shy of three years to be precise.
The random winner of the latest Giveaway, a Betty Jo Snow Globe brooch, is Sam from "Good Mum Hunting".
Sam requested a wombat in her Snow Globe as she has a a grumpy wombat that lives under her holiday house in Thredbo named William. Although William poos everywhere Sam loves him!
So here's a Grumpy William the Wombat Snow dome brooch made especially for Sam this morning!( Actually William might be more of a Whilemina as he loves snuffling around with a hibiscus behind his ear)
Speaking of grumpy , Mr. BJ is not happy that he had to have X-rays on his wrist last week to check it wasn't broken from his icy fall in the snow a few weeks ago. The jury is still out on the state of his Ulna. Not good for someone who is permanently attached to a guitar!
There's a new post over at Find, Make, Do this morning. Cool and crafty up-cycled board games. Go and have a look!


  1. OMG OMG OMG! Sam totally deserves the win just for choosing a wombat! It turned out so amazing!!!!!!!
    Congrats to Sam!

  2. Oh a wombat, ace choice, hope to get to Thredbo this Winter, but we usually stick to Mt Selwyn as it's so family friendly. Your wombat snow globe is awesome, love Posie

  3. OMG I <3 the wombat!! I want one!!!

  4. Best Sunday news EVER!

    Thank you so much, I am heading down to the snow in a few weeks and William aka Whilemina will definately be joining us :)

    Thank you again, it's absolutely devine!!



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