Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let's hear it for the Girls!

There's been an historical event in Australia these last few days. A female has risen through the political ranks and wrangled a job at the top. So to celebrate I give you a round up of Betty Jo Girls!
Lets hear it for the Girls
Over at The Byron Life Megan writes about Julia's inspiring rise to the top from the perspective of a Mother of three girls. Although I don't subscribe to judging women on what they wear, coming from a jewellers perspective, I hope she only wears the work of Australian designers.
Who ever made the necklace she wore while announcing her coup would be a proud person. Yes, I notice the important things!!!!!
Cam from Curly Pops, who also believes in not judging our Julia by what she's wearing, did happen to mention she had a very bare neck yesterday that was crying out for some Betty Jo adornment.So, because Julia is an Altona girl, I thought a Seagull would remind her of her Bayside haunts when she moves to the Lodge.


  1. I think our West suburban Julia would absolutely love that seagull... and it would have been perfect with her black and white outfit yesterday. I'm wondering whether I should pop down the street to her local office with a handmade jewellery gift?

  2. Just watching the news and today's outfit is screaming out for that lovely seagull too!

  3. I love catching up on Oz politics through my blog reading. It makes it so much more personal.

    And, I think this is the correct thing to say right now in regards to your now high-ranking woman:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI!


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