Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy Betty lives here.

It's been a busy few months at chez Betty Jo. This morning I rounded off all those days and nights spent writing up Business Plans and Financial Projections in one quick hand over of a bulky file full of my ideas for the future. So now I wait.
Luckily I had a fantastic day at Design Made Trade, chatting and discovering and being inspired. Just what the doctor ordered. There's some Find, Make, Do posts itchin to be written about my discoveries, so stay tuned.
Next week it's all systems go for the move into my new studio, creating more Tea Party goodies for the Craft Cubed exhibition at Curious Oyster (more info to come), and working at the Eco Innovators Showcase in the old news stand on the corner of Little Collins and Swanston St. City.
I'll be there on Wednesday from 11 am to 3ish, so if you're in the city come and say hello....and help support Melbourne designers who are engaging in sustainability in the design and production of their products.
Day of the Dead Skull Brooch
My new Day of the Dead Skull brooches will be there too.
Tonight I am relaxing wearing my new fancy Nana crocheted slippers. They arrived in a package from the lovely Michelle this morning.Sooooo Cozy.


  1. you have definitely been busy! goodluck with it all.
    good to see you today.
    loving your nana slippers. just got a childhood flashback, my grandma used to make so many when we were younger.

  2. Thanks Cathie,
    Your Tart was the best (as usual)!

  3. So glad you like them Liz...
    They do look very cozy and cute!!!

  4. that day of the dead brooch is AMAZING!!! Perhaps my favouritest ever! (but it is hard to choose favourites...)

    where and when is it for sale?!! Must blog it!


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