Sunday, July 18, 2010


Even though it was cold and wet and the north wind was chilly as all get go (there's snow on them mountains brrr), I "hadagoodweegend". Firstly, I was warm and cosy in my new up-cycled jumper scarf from Minnie Arabella. From my great local craft market Made'n' Thornbury last Friday night,. Look, theres a little Chester doggy on it. (there's a fox waiting for you Anna!)

Charlie and I were lucky enough to participate in the "Makedo " making party at Design:Made:Trade on Saturday. There were boxes and industrial off cuts and kids galore and lots of making and doing. Charlie crafted this little mutt we called Toblerone, and this funky DJ and mixing desk.
Today I was summonsed over to Tinniegirl's house for lemon pud and a surprise package from Curlypops. Somehow Cam had organised with the lovely Tracy from thrift nest sew to send over some of the fantastic lino salvaged from Tracys great nana's house. As a present for me. I was so moved by this generous gesture, I got all goosebumpy.
Thanks so much Tracy and Cam for thinking of me . But I guess now when you think of Lino you can't help thinking of Betty Jo. I'll be having fun tommorrow designing some goodies.

Here's some of the same lino that Tracy framed..doesn't it look amazing.


  1. I'm so glad that the suprise lino package was a hit! Tracy did a wonderful job in keeping it a big secret.

  2. It does sounds like a good weekend! Great scarf, and clever Charlie! Takes after his mum, obviously!

    LOVE that lino - you're a lucky duck!!

  3. Sorry I missed you at the market - we came in after you'd gone.

    Loving those boxy Makedo creations.


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