Friday, July 2, 2010

Dont Throw Anything Away!

It was far too miserable to venture out today. I had two seven year old boys at my place, and after exhausting all manner of indoor activities they were almost climbing the walls. But alas, every time we ventured outside down came the rain.
When we finally hit the road, I noticed a bulging skip outside a Northcote house in the midst of renovation. Never one for passing by an opportunity, I had a quick look and hurrah, there was a few nice pieces of vintage lino sitting on top of the rubble.
If any one can pick where they may have seen my floor and shoes recently they get a gold star!
After I got back from my skip fossicking I checked out the Makedo blog and was very taken with this cool and relevant message in poster form designed for World Industrial Design Day. It summed up my feelings perfectly as I was contemplating how much more of the lino had already been sent to the tip. The story behind it's design can be found here.
I think it appeals because it's sorta, kinda in the same bric-a-brac type formation as my Stuff Collages.If you want to get the lowdown on another Melbourne repurposer of recycled materials , pop over to Find, Make, Do and meet Morgan Wills and her splendid Winter Woollies and Mumma Bushkas.


  1. Hey, good find in the skip. Lovely to see you in Peppermint! Lou.

  2. Thanks Lou,
    Thats one gold star for you!

  3. i like! So pleased you of all people stumbled across the lino - it's quite a fabulous thing, to collect something, isn't it :)

  4. Hey Peppermint girl! Love shoes. Lovely lino. Scott spotted you in Peppermint first. He said "Hey! Cool girl in a cool kitchen!!"

  5. That's a gold star for you Michelle, and two for Mr Buttontree Lane!


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