Friday, July 23, 2010

Fox Crazy

I just read a somewhat disturbing story -there's a new kind of pet gaining popularity in Russia – the domesticated fox. The animals are being bred at a research institute in Siberia.
Although these foxes are human-friendly, they've still got many wild habits.
Martyn is a Russian Silver Fox who has never lived in the wild and whose home is a three-bedroom Moscow flat.

He's domesticasted but still has some wild habits, like hiding and digging holes.
That's enough of a reason to stop this stupid craze right now!
I know the world has gone a little crazy for Foxes right now, but lets just keep them crafty ...these handmade foxy friends will never suffer cooped up in a cage or an apartment or worse still, be culled for their fur all in the name of fashion.
Here's some recently uploaded crafty foxes from my Flickr group "Crafty Fox". Viva Le Crafty Fox!
Foxy Love

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  1. Liz, You know I have a thing for foxes.When I was a kid my Dad found two baby foxes (we lived on a farm). He couldn't kill them so brought them home. We named them and kept them until they were big enough to head off, and head off they did.....but not until they had practically wrecked our house !

    Poor foxes....

  2. Yeah. I mean, it only took us a couple thousand years to (kind of) domesticate dogs and cats...

    Foxes? Bad idea. Really bad.

  3. Foxes are simply lovely, their gorgeous little long nosed faces,that black nose... and their cunning sly ways. I know they are a complete pest in the country, but I like em.


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