Sunday, July 25, 2010

Green and Lush.

Theres a beautiful glow around here this morning. Can it be the sun's out? After all this wet and miserable wintery weather, some morning sunshine is uplifting for both humans and yawny beasts.
Yawning in the Sun
At least the plants have been happy with all the rain and are looking green and lush
In case it gets dim and dull again, here's a new Betty Jo "Flick the Switch " Lamp Clock to light up your day.
"Flick the Switch" Lamp Clock
A little while ago I was commisioned to make a Flying Finch clock by Michelle from Nook for a surprise gift for her friends.

I sent it flying up North and today I found out exactly where it now lives.......
This amazing house in the green and lush hinterlands of the NSW North Coast. If only I could have fit in the package!


  1. Love the picture of your cat yawning. That is fantastic.

    The little house looks wonderful. Especially while I'm sitting in my very loud apartment in a very loud part of a very crowded city.

  2. Love these pix - your garden looks just as I would imagine it.
    That's a Phil Anstey house... I would love to find myself living in one of these myself one day...

    Hurry up and find a suitcase Liz. Mango daquiris await you...


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