Tuesday, August 31, 2010


BUSY (biz-ee) : actively and attentively engaged in work or a passtime: she is busy with her work .
If I have said I've been busy in the past, that busy was nothing compared to the busy I am now.

I'm spending every spare minute I have in my studio at The Pea Green Boat making Betty Jo goodies. And I actually made a Pea Green Boat brooch for a customer.
All of the clocks from last week have been delivered to their new homes, and the next big clock delivery is taking shape.
I will also be preparing for the Finders Keepers market in October, so that pretty much means I'm flat out .
Tomorrow I'm off on a bit of a Lino rescuing mission. Robyn from Focus on Art put me onto her Mum who has several layers of retro lino in her house she is happy for me to claim.
The lovely twist is that Robyn makes cool owls from recycled stuff too. There is a little story about her work over on Find, Make, Do at the moment.


  1. Love your posts and their pretty pictures as always. Good to be busy right? I'm also getting ready for Finders Keepers - looking forward to meeting you there!

    P.s. I'm in Melbourne now so you may want to hire some security guards to look after your fave oppies! :)

  2. Bizee indeedy! How exciting about the next BIG clock delivery - wowee.

  3. Hooray for being busy, I do think it will be go go go till Xmas now. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, food and R & R in between studio visits to keep you sane (;
    And I love Robyn's work...I have one of her beautiful owls on my wall, Might just make it my wordless Wednesday pic, thanks for reminding me.
    Jay xx

  4. Hey, Liz. Have just been enjoying a trip down your memory lane. I remember seeing your beautiful pea green boat broach very early on in our acquaintance, and I still think it's fab! @Jay: you were right -- lots of R&R and healthy living was required for the crazy Xmas season. I'm still recovering now!
    Hope you ladies are enjoying some well-earned rest and are still enjoying having your offspring around all of the time. ;o) Keep smiling!
    R xo


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