Friday, August 27, 2010

Wings and Things

I've been making a lot of things with wings lately.
A little bird told me there was an over abundance of birdie themed decor and wearables at Life in Style (trade show) this year. But while people are still loving the bird motif , I'll keep making them.
And to repeat what I said ages ago.......................
"I'm not sure if I am totally over Birds, they HAVE been a staple of my range for many years. But, like all popular imagery, they do have their use by date.
I guess I owe a lot to our feathered friends....thanks for the inspiration!"
Wings and things


  1. I love all those birds! Thank you Liz. :) I have very much been enjoying your colourful feast of a blog!

  2. Yes birds are used a lot these days, but your birds are the most stunning around! Nobody does birds as lovely as your little treasures.


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