Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hints of Spring

A little while ago a big chunky envelope arrived full of these colourful vintage buckles. Oooh lala....Perfect for Betty Jo goodies!
Buckle haul
Thanks to Jo from Violet and Rose for passing them along to me. As you can see they have come in handy already.
Spring is in the air
These Aunt Mabel's handbag brooches and Grandma's favorite Teacup brooch are giving me cravings for pretty vintage frocks, Spring tea parties and bunches of daisies and fragrant roses.
Although it is only one week till spring, I'm still draping wet washing around the house to dry, thinking twice about a chilly morning walk with the dog (and piking out every time), and hitting the sack with socks and a hottie.
The Finders Keepers August gift guide will give you hints of spring with floral toned printed and patterned loveliness.
Thanks to Kelly from Made by White for including my Aunt Mabel's handbag in her top 6 picks for August. Sitting happily with goodies from some of my favorite designers!1. “You’re all sorts of lovely” card by Able and Game
2. Aunt Mabel’s handbag brooch by Betty Jo
3. Ribbons cushion by pony rider
4. Calico tote by Blink Designs
5. Kewpie doll studs by Liana Kabel
6. Rainbow diary cover by Scotatto


  1. I love how you have used the belt buckles! The little hand bags are gorgeous!

  2. Ah, see? I knew they were calling out for a better home!


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