Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Studio Yays!

I'm loving going to my new studio everyday to work. I have no distractions (except going to the communal kitchen to boil the jug for tea) thus I can get heaps done between school drop off and pick up.
And I can't hear the basket of washing or the vacume cleaner silently chastising me for ignoring them.
Betty Jo Designs studio
I found out today my business plan was approved, so I am finally getting some financial assistance to help Betty Jo in Moving Forward. Yes, I am referencing Ms. Gillard because she is ultimately the one funding me, and I'd like her to continue to do so ....thank you very much.
Orange Floral Cuckoo Clock
I have dozens of clocks to make, and here is the first of many I'll be shipping out in the coming months.


  1. It sounds so lovely to have your own studio space. I hope you keep enjoying it. I think that you might have been spending a lot of your time there decorating your space rather than making things... looks very cool ;)

    Congrats on the financial assistance. Brilliant news. I would love to see Betty Jo 'moving forward'. See you around. Lou.

  2. Lovely to see Betty Jo "moving forward"...
    Keep up the great work...
    Love your new studio...

  3. Hooray!! Ooh I think those peeps who "approved" you sit about 10 desks away from me! Go you! Go Julia!!

    I love the idea of your new studio. And it looks fantastic.

  4. Go DEEWA peeps in Canberra.
    Betty Jo is a happy camper!

  5. Congrats on the funding for Betty Jo - that is super fabulous news!
    I'm saving my pennies for a cuckoo clock.

  6. So jealous of your studio space.

    And congrats on getting your business plan approved!

  7. Wonderful news Liz. I'm so pleased for you.

  8. Wow that's amazing.. well done. love a studio.. i think i've named my space the shed-udio. It's a bit 80's bit Phil (Collins)..x

  9. Look at that lovely little nook full of buttons!! That looks a lot like heaven to me :) Hope that you are enjoying your new space.


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