Friday, August 13, 2010


Today I was inundated with words. Useful, crafty, funny, serious, cute and business like words.
I was front row at the Craft and Design as a Career seminar run by Craft Victoria and heard a diverse line up of speakers including Jo from Frankie magazine, Lucy from The Designs Files and Mr. Lowenstein the accountant who spoke about the dreaded word in arts circles T-A-X. (ooh, I get all knotty when I think about doing this years tax stuff).
Stephen Banham from Letterbox spoke all about branding, font and logo design and the power of words in the visual recognition of your business.
I like words a lot, but they must be relevant and meaningful,
sweet and edible,
"Feel the Love" Heart Brooch
crafty and wearable,
or colourful and cheeky.
The word of my day was L-O-V-E (much nicer than tax) and here it is in pics.
top-Awesomely yummy Belgian chocolate bar bought last night at Chair 14. Apparently some people keep them on their desks as a decoration....what, that's not possible! It was eaten in less than 24 hours.
middle- Betty Jo Love brooch I wore today on my hat.
bottom- image from Frankie blog I found today . I'm liking the font, colours and sentiment.


  1. I like words too!
    And I love your love brooch.

  2. The "Everything is Shit" one made me laugh so hard this morning... I think I need that on a t-shirt. Or embroidered on a pillow. Or something.

  3. Oh i love that last one, i can imagine wearing something like that at work/ market saying something cheeky like "all customers are rude, except you love" oh that could be a movement, or as ALL crafty types have to endure hearing from customers saying they could make the things you're selling yoursefl . . ."so you think you could make this yourself, only your work would be shit". Giggles, love Posie

  4. If we wore "Everything is Shit" or Posies alternatives on a T-shirt we wouldn't have to actually say the words we are too polite to express.
    And "certain" craft markets may be the perfect venue.


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