Monday, September 6, 2010

Dreaming of Spring

I was mucking around on Polyvore last May just when the Winter nasties were hitting. I was obviously daydreaming of Spring, teaparties and wearing sandals with NO socks. Unfortunately, although it's now Spring, I'm still dreamin'.But I just know by the time Finders Keepers market comes around , we'll be skipping around in cotton dresses and buying lots of brooches for our cardis, and even thinking about Chrissy gifts!
Ok, so maybe not skipping, but spending for sure.
In the words of Sally from Georgie Love it will be a "A 2 day CRAFTANZA!" So see you there!
Finders Keepers Market -October 9th and 10th at Shed4, Victoria Harbour, North Wharf Road, down at the Docklands( I'm sure it's won't be hard to find). Details here.


  1. hmm... I'm dreaming of fall now. I would love to see some cooler weather. The past couple of mornings have been nice, but the weather is promising to get hot again. Sigh.

  2. When it's hot we want cool, when it's cold we want warm.
    If it was 25 celcius every day we would still wish for something more............


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