Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dreaming of Roma

In approx 24 hours my big girl will be dangling her feet in the Trevi Fountain, just like her Mum did on her first trip to Roma. But unlike me she will be putting her 11 years of Italiano to practical use.
Ciao bella figlia, molto amore. And enjoy the best gelato in the eternal city!
Gelati Brooch


  1. My Brother arrived in Rome with his family yesterday and they have already tried a bunch of gelato, how exciting. I wish I was going!

  2. Oh my...daughters on holiday,are you nervous for her. Is she in safe hands....Will she ring home every second day (; Kizzy is going on a holiday without us soon, it will be her longest time away from me. ...I'm not sure how old your daughter is but I think even if mine was all growed up, I'd still have butterflies every time she went away to a foreign land.
    Hope she has a ball. xx

  3. She is in totally safe hands. I actually hope she is having such a great time she is too busy and not homesick for calls home.
    I'm so dying to be travelling to Italy.
    I think I'll be hanging out in Lygon St. alot more this month just to compensate. I have a date with the Gelo Bar tonight!

  4. she can just belt out a tune if she gets in a sticky situation - I've heard Ms Lily sing - boy, what a voice!


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