Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy. Love or Not so Much?

Here are some recent etsy goodies that have caught my eye and have given me the urge to *add to cart*.
I haven't had much time for browsing of late, but my cyber shopping trolley has been pretty empty lately, so I felt it needed a work out.

My swappy stash was getting very low so I've just topped it up with with a couple of lovely decks.
After seeing Sandra Eterovic's artwork on the Design Files, I would have loved to buy the original- "20 tiny acrylic paintings of curious and endearing objects from chickens to cars and oranges to road maps that have been put together like a patchwork ", but for now the greeting card print will have to do.
I was alerted to the cute porcelain work of Kitty Genius by Maddi Stamer on her blog Little Birdsville. Now "Rudy" hangs in my studio where I can admire him every day.What have been your experiences of etsy? Have you struck gold, or made enough for your business to be self sufficient? I've had some good scores over the years, but some duds too.
Things not arriving, goods not actually being what they said they were.
My etsy shop just struggles along like a tired chook, and I've got very close to shutting it down many times. But hey, I guess it's just another way to circulate your work in the swirling vortex of online shopping!


  1. As a shopper I can find etsy a bit overwhelming...I love blogs that showcase Etsy stuff because they make me look at stuff I wouldn't normally see.
    My shop puddles along, good weeks and not so good weeks...
    I have never had a bad purchase - I am always pleasantly surprised by my purchases.

  2. There is a bit too much on Etsy and I never quite know how to narrow it down! Probably saves me a bit of money though!

    My shop was going well till I had another baby and let it slide for a year. It's a huge slog to get noticed nowadays! Relisting in my categories doesn't help too much as things get buried straight away.

  3. I've never quite worked out the relisting thing.
    And "Regretsy " highlights the amount of dross one has to wade through to find the diamonds!


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