Sunday, September 12, 2010


I popped into the brand new "Big" by Fiona Scanlon shop in Faraday St. Carlton on Friday and was happy to see some Betty Jo clocks hanging on the wall behind the counter tick- tocking away happily. The shop has a gorgeous crafty feel and worth a look even if you don't have a wee girl child to outfit.
Speaking of clocks, I bought some Tic-Tocs the other day because I thought it would be fun to make these.....but alas, they will be put on the things you never get around to list. Tea cup bikkie instructions here and pic from here.
Personally, I have bad memories of Tic-Tocs. As kids we used to lick off the rather abrasive icing which resulted in very sore tongues. And most likely the resultant hyper activity caused by sugar and artificial colouring!

Over at Find, Make, Do, I have found a selection of cool clocks fashioned from upcycled materials. I love Kim from the Sassy Crafter's fantastic repurposing of egg beaters to make her version of the Atomic Clock.
Upcycling=saving stuff from landfill = warm fuzzy feelings!


  1. Hi liz, long time no see! Thanks so much for the tea cup biccies recipe, I made them today and put a pic on my blog, they are ace! Allison x

  2. Oh Allison,you are resourceful! They look yummy!
    I'll be seeing you at Finders Keepers no doubt!
    Should be FUN!!!!

  3. Do you know I still find tic tocs abrasive??? Thanks for the link. Your clocks are gorgeous.


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