Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats
Forget the footy today. I'm going to try (even though my team is playing......AGAIN).
It doesn't seem right to be sitting at home in front of the Teev.
It's picnic weather!!!! So bake a batch of cupcakes and have a teaparty in the outdoors or jump
on your bikes and ride European style to your nearest gelateria and treat yourself....the Gelo Bar is a callin'.
What are you up to on this lovely Spring day?


  1. You are absoloutely right about the day being beautiful... if only a picnic were on my agenda & not trying to get through the hideous mountain of laundry that is lurking out the back after days, weeks & months of dreary weather! (My kingdom for a clothes dryer in winter!!)

    Lots of yummy, bright goodness here...!

  2. I must admit I cannot waste a good drying day...but it will be one load only, then forget housework!!!!!


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