Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Faves!

Blow me down, it's October already. And I'm committing myself to post everyday by signing up for Tinniegirls Blogtoberfest marathon of blogging.To make it easier, I've made a list of topics to help me get posting. I don't promise to rigidly adhere to this, but will use it as a prompt. If you would like to use it too, go right ahead.

"Makin' Monday"- A looksie at the Betty Jo creations I've been making.
"Talkin' About Tuesday"- An update on things that are happening in my world.
"Wordless Wednesday"
- A pic with no text (linking in here). This is challenging as I like to talk!
"Thrifted Thursday
"-Recent Op-shopped goodness or selected vintage delights from the world wide web.
"Friday Faves"
-Some of my favorite artsy craftsy things.
"Have a Good Weekend"
- a mixed bag of Lino Forest lollies ( translated to read - random posts).

So today it's all about favorites. Here are some fantasic goodies I'll be looking out for at Finders Keepers market next weekend (and bringing home with me if I plan things right!)

Angel card from Little Circus Design

Decorated plate from The Storybook Rabbit.
Gorgeous Hummingbird summer dress by Kindling.
For more Finders Keepers Designers go and check out the Profiles page on The Finders Keepers website.

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  1. Just popping over from tinniegirl. I'm going to borrow your list idea - it could be the only thing that keeps me on track! Thanks.


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