Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart Mirka

Spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon at Heide Museum of Modern Art absorbing the magnificence that is Mirka Mora. The collection includes drawings, paintings and soft sculpture .
A highlight of the exhibition is a new large scale painting executed by Mirka on the sunroom windows of the Heide farmhouse.Jeff Thomson's Cow sculptures in the Heide sculpture park.

The second pic. goes back almost four years ago. How time flies, especially when you think that on Saturday Miss Lily celebrated a milestone birthday with a ginormous party and much festivities. (still recovering actually!)


  1. I love Mirka too, she is so wonderful!
    Saw an exhibition at Heide years(!) ago, of her work.
    Must go again..

  2. I love Mirka! Judy at Punch introduced me to her colourful world years ago. A very inspiring woman! x


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