Friday, December 31, 2010

December Owls

There's been a few crafty owls arrive at our place this festive season, so I'd like you to meet..........

"Tangerine", my new favorite owl teacosy. A lovely Christmas gift from my sister .

"Big Night Out" the hand made Kitchen Owl from Focus on Art (an early Christmas pressie to myself!)

Marvin the "Make Do" owl made using our set of MakeDo connectors.

And "Orson" the Lino Owl who has the honour of being the last Betty Jo owl made in 2010. The buttons for Orson came in a great little box of op-shopped buttons from my sister too.
It's fitting to be seeing out the old year with owl stuff.....I'm not sure exactly why, but it just is.
But lets now bring on the New Year.......I have lots planned and I want to get started!


  1. I'm feeling very ready for 2011 too. Can't wait.

    Have a fabulously happy new year Liz. xxx


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