Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Crafty New Year!

I think I was a exaggerating a bit when I said I had lots planned for 2011. I have a few ideas swirling around, but actually I am once again venturing into the New Year totally open to opportunities and ready to take unknown paths when they present themselves.
Way more exciting than plotting out a business plan and rigidly sticking to it. If I only learnt one thing doing a Small Business course last year, it was to be flexible.
One thing I do know is I want to get a bit more profesh when it comes to webby stuff, which will most likely mean "outsourcing".
I'm looking forward to a trip up to Sydney next week. Mainly to visit family, but I'll need to throw in bit of business to keep my mentor happy.My first "Happy Coincidence " of the year is a new order that came in yesterday for Two Birds Gallery in Toowoon Bay on the Central Coast of NSW. Right up the road from my sister in law who we are visiting next week! (that's the business bit taken care of!).My second "Happy Coincidence" is an offer of this pretty vintage lino from Sarah who must read my blog. It turned out she lived few minutes away from me , and I had just passed her house earlier that day while I was walking Chester!
*Wishing everyone a Happy and Creative Year ahead*


  1. Happy new year Liz!!

    Enjoy your trip up north.

  2. Ah, good things come to good people Liz!! Happy travels & yes, open to new possibilities is brilliant, love your work, love Posie

  3. Maybe Chester was the lucky lino magnet dog again???

  4. Nice: two happy coincidences and it's only Jan 3rd! What a year it will be with that as its start. ;o)
    Enjoy your Sydney sojourn even if it does need to include some business!

  5. yay to you too!!! love the aqua toes!!




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