Monday, December 13, 2010

Fair Fashion

I dragged my small boy along to Fed Square yesterday to watch the Fair Fashion show as part of the Fair@Square Festival.
We spotted some Betty Jo Designs on a couple of cute models. Tricky to see, but trust me, there is an owl and a boat pendant around these models necks!

The pay off for Charlie was all the free trade Cadbury chocolate samples he could fit into his pockets and a visit to see the Myers Christmas windows. But guess what. We had a better time looking at all the awesome street art on the way to Myers through Union lane. When we saw the queue to see the windows and all the Nut Cracker fairies Charlie lost interest!!!

My favorite piece by good buddy Madeleine Stamer.


  1. I can definitely see Betty Jo pieces. How cool.

    I love Union Lane too. Didn't realise those gorgeous babushkas were Madeleine Stamer's work.

  2. Hi Betty Jo,

    It looks like you had fun at the Fair@Square Festival. Fantastic work on the pendants!

    We hope Charlie enjoys all those Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate samples. :)


    The team at Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia


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