Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fresh Betty Jo

Here's a few new and returning stockists with fresh Betty Jo Designs in store.....just in time for Christmas!
Betty Jo Designs Lino Jewellery
Tussock in Point Londsdale.
I spent a few "Puberty Blues" summers in Point Londsdale. There was definitely no fancy gift shops in those days, or if there was I didn't notice because I was very distracted by the surfies!

Red Brick Gallery and Emporium in Ballarat - Grand opening this Friday! Boohoo, I won't be able to make it.
Love & Clutter in Hobart. Yay, a Hobart stockist , and a super gorgeous one at that!

Dragstar in Newtown (Sydney) is restocked after a break. I'm happy to have Betty Jo living in my old stomping ground of Newtown.
Owls and Boats
Mrs Peel in the Blue Mountains village of Leura has also restocked. It's a lovely shop full of vintage and new! Hopefully we'll be up to visit family in Leura in the New Year.

Nook in Brisbane has some more Betty Jo too. I really want to visit this cute shop!
And Pussy Cat Black in it's spunky new locale right near the Vic Market is nicely stocked up with Rainbow Orb brooches....looking all cosy in this display case, but I'm sure they would be even cosier gift wrapped for a Chrissy present.

To all the stockists who sell Betty Jo Designs and the customers who have adopted a clock or some have kept my one woman business rolling along this year and for that I give Big thanks!


  1. Yah we're Red Brick buddies!
    Thanks so much for my super gorgeous clock - I love it!

  2. Love your work Liz, i need to add to my collection too, love Posie

  3. Hellooooo - I was just a little bit thrilled to see 4 of your brooches in a cabinet in a sweet handmade goodies shop in Hahndorf, S.A on Tuesday! I bragged about reading your blog hehe


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