Friday, December 17, 2010

Tweeting and Such

Do you Tweet? I'm a somewhat fair weather friend to the twittersphere. I really can't keep up with it .
140 character observations and witty bon mots often appear so fast that if you leave for a moment, dozens of fresh tweets have made the earlier ones obsolete. It's a full time job tweeting.
And there are no pictures. Sure, I can click over to a twit pic. but I need instant visual satisfaction. One click too many and you've lost me.
So if you like pictures too, you've come to the right place!
How would you like to have a Christmas tree just full of these birdy decorations by British illustrator Kate Slater. There are 6 different designs, all birds and all lovely. I've featured some more of Kate's work on Find, Make, Do.The King of gorgeous design Rob Ryan has collaborated with tapestry wizz Emily Peacock on this DIY tapestry kit that is all sorts of wonderful.
Next Thursday the crafty folk at Artisan are having a special shopping night at (m)art. There's 20% off all (m)art design products, plus exclusive access to the storeroom where many a treasure can be found....maybe even a Betty Jo Nesting brooch!
If you live in Brissy this would be a great opportunity to get some last minute gifts, or a treat for yourself.


  1. I'm with you on the Twitter thing. I like the slower, prettier world of the blog. Love that birdie deco.

  2. Love your post, no tweeting here, i find keeping up with blogs enough work. Face book, no!! Love the birds, our tree is heavily laden with birds this year & handmade goodness, love Posie

  3. I'm with you on the twitter thing too. Just not enough substance for me. And I like pretty picture too.

  4. I do tweet, but like Facebook, I feel that it takes away from real updates about what people are doing and thinking. It's nice to see quick snapshots of what people are doing, but overall I still prefer to read blogs of substance and give and receive comments on their/my blog rather than a tweet.


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