Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now and Then

Plastic collected from Seaford beach, January 2011.
Unfortunately there was just as much plastic on the beach as there was just over a year ago.Seaford Beach Plastic 2010


  1. But the stuff you collect is just sooooo colourful! We did a little clean up of Shire Beach at Mornington today but mostly got milo ice cream cups, soft drink cans, cigarette buts... all very uninteresting stuff and certainly nothing to encourage me to take a photo of. ;o)

  2. Gosh - does it make you a little frustrated that all that crap makes it to the beach???
    Thanks for picking it up and making it something pretty.

  3. I do pick up "Ugly " rubbish too. And so many coke bottle lids that I could make all my collages red!

  4. Dreadful! But I love the pictures, I suppose the irony is that you make it look like fantastic art!

  5. Love the way you have used the plastic flotsam and jetsam, I usually leave that alone and collect the beach glass and drift wood, from Melbourne's bayside beaches, to use in my jewellery. Love what you do with it and the old lino.

  6. I even get plastic on my beautiful remote supposedly pristine beach in Tassie. It always makes me sad but I pick it up and display it in our home or incorporate it someway just to prolong its use/life.


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