Thursday, February 3, 2011

Viva la Bird!

Birds, birds, birdy, birds. You may have seen these funny guys make fun of the ubiquitous crafty bird.
Just after I posted this clip on facebook last week, I got an order from Collect @Object for a big bunch of these swallows.
Swift Swallows
Viva la Bird!Birds again. On these fantastic cross stitched badges by Pin Pals.
Find out more about the great designing duo that is Pin Pals over on Find, Make, Do!
Just see if you can visit their etsy shop with out being tempted to buy something!


  1. Your birds are simply too cute, and congratulations on the big order too.

  2. congrats on the big order, LIz! Good luck keeping up with production! Ready to employ anyone yet??!

  3. I've been very close to getting a making buddy a few times over the years, but, well, it's not an easy thing to do. Everything I make has a bit of me in it!


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