Friday, January 14, 2011

Owl for the BIG Wet

Just popping in quickly while I'm on my holiday in Sydney to offer my support, thoughts and sympathies to all the people who have been affected by the ferocious floods in QLD.
After experiencing a flood at my place (of tiny proportions in comparison) I know what a hideous experience the whole thing can be. It takes years to get back to normal...if you ever actually do. To help in some small way I am offering a Betty Jo Owlie Clock for sale with the proceeds going to the Flood Relief fund. I heard Woolies is matching dollar for dollar all donations , so I'll be checking out the most generous businesses to give the proceeds to.

These are a sample of the Owl clocks from the past. The price for your totally custom made, one of a kind clock will be $150.00 (plus postage if you are not a Melbourne resident). So if you have been thinking about buying an Owlie clock , now is a great time!!

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