Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summery Sydney

I'm back in Melbourne after a week in Summery Sydney. We did lots of swimming at our favorite Northern beaches and waterways. Clareville was a favorite when the surf was too big and the lifesavers closed the beaches!Our bags were way over check in allowance weight after going on many market and op shopping expeditions. It was great to re-visit Glebe and Rozelle markets as it's been over 10 years since I used to have stalls there myself.
All I can say is we had to find room for at least half a dozen new thrifted summer dresses,

more playing cards, and some colourful buttons ( I won't even mention the extra pairs of shoes!)I also had a lovely catch up with bloggy friend Tara from Dudley Redhead and saw her most excellent girly shed/studio (and also found out the origin of her brand name "Dudley Redhead").
I visited some cool shops that stock Betty Jo so hopefully more goodies will be arriving at Pulp, Retrospections, Collect@Object and the Museum of Sydney Shop very soon.
The low light of the trip was the security at Sydney airport wanting to confiscate Charlies souvenir mace that Lily bought him at a medieval castle in Italy. Although it was accidentally left in the backpack after show and tell at school, no amount of pleading would make the stern security guy let us keep it. If not for the nice lady at Tiger Airlines who let us check it in at the last second I would of had a very glum boy for all the flight home. Now he is calling himself a mini terrorist!


  1. Yay, Sydney, my home town. I'm a St Ives girl so my mummy would take us to Clareville (she couldn't swim, she's an English farm girl, so we'd go to beaches that were surf-less, Balmoral another fave). Happy times, love Posie

  2. Oh, how I miss Sydney-town sometimes. All of the places you mention bring back good, good memories.
    Love the top pic.


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