Friday, January 7, 2011

Park your Van

I read an article in the Age last week regarding those caravan holidays we had as kids and how in our minds everything seemed so carefree and easy......... polish up those rose coloured glasses folks.
I also remember the hot stuffy annex and rock hard camp beds, a five minute walk to the crappy toilet block, queues for the 3 showers, my baby brothers and sisters getting up at the crack of dawn and "disturbing" the other campers, intimidating big boys in the games room, being totally cramped and having absolutely no privacy, and mozzies.

But regardless of all the above, my family caravan holidays are also some of the fondest memories I have as a girl.
Lark has some Betty Jo caravan brooches in stock to get you in the retro holiday mood.
Or drop us a line for a custom order!


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