Monday, February 7, 2011

Flying North for Winter.

These guys are literally flying north this week to Pure Heaven in QLD.
Flying North for Winter
The landscape behind them was in op- shopped frame I'm using for something else. You know the ones: "I'm keepin' the frame, but ditching the painting". On last count we had four large "landscapes" on our walls. They can be a little somber at times, so I really like this "Restyled Painting " by Paper Sparrow.
All it needs is some flying ducks!


  1. The flying ducks on that background are fabulous. Fantastic and fun contrast.

  2. You should so keep some ducks in that first painting - it looks fabulous!

  3. Yes, I think re-styling some retro landscapes with some Betty Jo Flying Ducks is a great idea! Off to the op-shop I go!


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