Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Geo-Metric In Store!

Lino Geo-Metric Necklace
The New Lino Geo-Metric necklaces and brooches are now available at "Pussycat Black".Look at that inviting shop....all the stock is locally made and sweat shop free! You can find Bettina's second Pussycat Black store at 105 Therry St City. It's in that little street that leads to the Vic. Market for all you Melbournites. Now you can combine shopping for fresh food with shopping for fresh fashion ( I think I should be in advertising!). A little bird told me it is also popular with the out-of-towners!


  1. Beautiful! I have to say I am very tempted by this design!

    Oooh! I've just worked out what else it looks like! The 3D design of Federation Square!! And wouldn't Fed Square be so much prettier if it had the lovely colours of your necklace?

  2. The store looks great - as does the necklace of course! I must get to the Vic Market again. It has been too long...

  3. Yes, it's very Federation Squarey!
    And to think they chose such drab colours when they could have asked for our opinion!

  4. This shop looks really fun. I love the old brick walls and the simplicity of the set up! ~Val


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