Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

Sorry to those who get the corny blog title reference today. But my day has been far from corny. It's been lovely. This fruity card made by Lily was waiting for me this morning.
I enjoyed reading Lucy's interview on the Design Files with Fiona Scanlon this morning, and spotting Betty Jo's Pedro Puss clock.
Coincidentally I had brunch at Tiamo right round the corner from the Big Carlton store. I used to have coffee at Tiamo in my younger life when the only stresses were uni assignments and choosing which band to see that night!
Then Mr BJ and I caught a movie at Nova, oooh how bohemian pretending we were young and free with out a care in the world!
Japanese Geisha Brooches
And just a reminder. The proceeds from the sale of these Betty Jo Japanese Geisha brooches will go towards the Red Cross Appeal to assist Japan after the Earth Quake/ tsunami disaster.


  1. You're so good fundraising for Japan, bless you Liz. So funny when you go back to your old stomping grounds & think, OMG, we thought that was busy/ expensive/ stressful/ important . . . so carefree back in those Uni days, just the two of us. We are loving all that goes along with raising 4 children but boy do we know what we'll be doing in our late 40s when they are all raised to adults - living carefree again!! Love Posie

  2. I just wish I was as organised as you and got my child rearing out of the way early. Having "bookend" kids means we'll be feeding at least one mouth for a few years to come!


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