Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Arcadia Project

Have you checked out the enCounter window space at Craft Victoria yet? The Arcadia Project is an installation created by Sydney-based artist Sean Rafferty. It's been created using hundreds of cardboard fruit boxes. The printed images have been cut out and assembled to create a technicolour landscape full of animated fruit and veg and the sometimes kooky but very tropical imagery found on the boxes. When I first read about this my tummy jumped a bit. I've had a big idea in my head for a few years to do something similar. Has that ever happened to you?
There's no prizes for *thinking* about something, but not doing it. So first prize goes to Sean for bringing this to an awesome reality!
As I'm all about fruit at the moment, I had a bit of a play around on Polyvore this morning.
Tutti Frutti

...And now my Tutti Frutti Girls are on Etsy


  1. Oh WOW! That's pretty spectacular! Don'tcha hate it when you think of something awesome and then discover it's been done? Oh well, plenty more cool, creative ideas where that one came from, right?

  2. Right Lillabilly!
    Lots of ideas in this brain, but not enough hours in the day!


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