Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Share the Rubbish!

Once again I am fuming that a person has been arrested for taking something from a council hard rubbish collection in Churnside Park. I think it is such a waste of police resources, not to mention the fact that it totally goes against societies enthusiasm for recycling, re-using and saving perfectly good items from being crushed in the garbo truck and taken to the tip. It's made me so angry I think I need to YELL a bit .
Apparently hard rubbish becomes council property once it is put on nature strips, which are technically council-owned land. So arrest me! I am guilty of stealing from greedy councils and I won't stop.
Last week I was happy to see alot of my hard rubbish disappear before it was destroyed. I chatted to a girl about the history of a piece of furniture as she put it in her car. I hope some one enjoyed fixing up our old bike and is putting their cuppa down on my old coffee table.
I am lucky that kind souls all over the country are checking the hard rubbish and notifying me of old lino that needs rescuing. Just yesterday Gabrielle from Miss Trinket Jewellery Designs sent me some fantastic lino she found lining the shelves of an old cupboard. All the way from Armidale N.S.W.
Lino Mosaic
I can just imagine the house where these pieces came from. The funky geometric patterns are probably from the kitchen and bathroom, the scrolly design maybe from the hallway and the super cute kiddy design with lambs, trainsets, bunnies and blocks would be from the nursery no doubt.
I've made some goodies already with the Armidale lino. They'll be at Finders Keepers this Saturday and Sunday (except the Geo-metric brooch which is a gift).
And just a reminder. I am happy to custom make any piece from my jewellery or clock range for you. If you like the lino here, get in quick as there is not much and once it's gone, it's gone!

Update! Police are set to drop charges against a man who took a vacuum cleaner from a hard rubbish pile after a community outcry. And so they should!!!!!


  1. Completely ridiculous! I thought that was the whole IDEA of hard rubbish. Glad the community outcried!!

  2. It is crazy and makes me angry beyond belief. Half my house is furnished with roadside finds! I think the councils put a lot of the good stuff in their "tip shops", making them money.

  3. I know! Absurd. I think it has something to do with the contracters who remove the rubbish etc. The curb has given me so much joy. And I'm talking about hard rubbish.

  4. I really can't understand these laws. If the council came along and recycled the worthy bits it would be fine but for all the councils that just compact vintage and antique items that would be totally loved by someone I cannot fathom their reasoning. cherrie

  5. I had no idea - that's totally ridiculous. I also thought it was part of the point of the whole thing. Hey, do you still want that lino I have in my garage for you? x

  6. Hmmm. I have similar fits of horror when I hear about people saving stuff from the crusher being fined/arrested. Perhaps they need to have a day's amnesty when we can all run around and pick over the goodies. The councils should definitely put more effort into the recycling benefits of hard rubbish 'gleening'.
    LOVELY lino you've picked up. LOVE the regimented geometric squares.
    Best of luck at the Finders Keepers. Might manage to see you there. ;o)

  7. Now thats a great idea Robyn....a hard rubbish scavange day. I can tell there will be tears and tug o'wars, but at least good stuff won't be wasted.

  8. You're so right, it is such a waste of resources to charge someone for helping to reduce landfill! Madness. We had council pick up last weekend here and I intentionally out the things I thought reuseable as early as possible so that people could help themselves to it before the trucks arrived. There's also a local council art event in June whereby you create a piece of work from all recycled materials. If it wasn't for last weeks curbside pickup I would have had to Bunnings and buy a piece of pressed board for my work to go on - which really goes against the whole spirit of it.

  9. Crazy ha!?! My boyfriend is always trawling the hard rubbish and I have told him to keep an eye out for any funky old lino bits for you. ;)

  10. Got to love a throw out day...
    We don't have them enough here...
    And when they do not much gets thrown out...
    Everything gets recycled here in the country...
    chicken wire, wood, mulch you name it country people hoard it...Including me...


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