Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Colour Kitten

"The Colour Kitten" is a new little venture that was born out of my collections of coloured bric-a-brac (that I have been photographing since 2009) and the need to do something else creative with it all.
Colour Collage Brooches
It has also been kick started by some crafty workshops that I will be taking in a few months.
Stay tuned for updates, especially if you like to collect things, arrange and assemble things or, dare I say it, hoard things. Even if you don't have the *collecting* gene in your DNA that's OK . There will be lots of instant collections to work with!And speaking of Collections I now possess a copy of Lisa Congdon's book "A Collection A Day"
Alas I didn't win it, but never the less
am suitably happy, goodly inspired, certainly jealous of her cool vintage stuff, and am sure to dip into it now and then to let the greatness rub off onto me!


  1. the colour kitten brooches are gorgeous! i look forward to hearing more about your workshops - sounds fun!

  2. Ooh thankyou Evie. Very lovely coming from you :-)

  3. Liz, I love the Colour Kitten! What a great idea. I always wonder what you will do with the coloured stuff you find. And now there is this! Congratulations.

  4. Thanks Posie and Michelle xxPurr


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