Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So Close........

Last night I received this email ....."I’m pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as one of the winners of the Your Prized Collections contest on marthastewart.com.Please fill out the attached form and email it or fax it back to me at your earliest convenience. As soon as you do so we’ll be able to get to work on your prize (Lisa Congdon will be illustrating your collection and sending this off to you with a new copy of her book)."
I think you could safely say I did a little happy dance and quickly went to print my form.
Then...CRAP. It is only open to residents of the USA. Typically Liz didn't read the pesky terms and conditions (who does?). When I saw the link to this on Lisa's twitter I raced over and entered and not once looked to see if it was for USA residents only. Nothing jumped out at me saying so, so I posted my pics, and then didn't think much about it till now.
Now I am so disappointed. And my sucky email was kindly but brusquely disregarded.
Oh well , the added irony is I'd JUST bought Lisa's book on etsy about 3 hours before this email arrived.
Anyway this is the image that would have been illustrated by Lisa Congdon.....:(

Green stuff


  1. sorry about your disappointment, love your photo, it is Good to Be Green♥

  2. OMG why why why???? That would have been soooo cool.
    I wonder if you could send Lisa a sucky email and beg her to illustrate it anyway?

  3. Yes I would do what Cam said too...
    Send a e-mail...it doesn't hurt...
    They might say "no"...but they might say "yes"...

  4. I third that idea - Lisa needs a sucky email too.
    Bummer, but hey, how awesome to be chosen. Loving the collage (as usual!)

  5. I'd gladly write an email, but I have no faith in emails.....a phone call maybe or a face to face, but hey thats impossible. Never mind, I will do my own illustration!!!!


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