Friday, April 1, 2011


This week I have been having fun playing with colour. Inspired by these cute kittens.
I can safely say this favorite childhood book was a trigger for my love of colour. As a little girl I would never have imagined what a huge part colour has played in my life.
Rainbow Mosaic
I have never been what you would call obsessive compulsive. But when it comes to my huge collection of buttons,beads and trinkets my innate categorizing gene becomes active and I have to sort! Unfortunately this trait doesn't spill over into everyday life. My world is a mix of messy paperwork, neglected housework, and an untidy house...but at least the buttons are organised.
Box O' Buttons
Button shelf

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  1. Hooray, hooraaaay! That's my most absolute favourite childhood book too!! I have adored being able to read it to my little girl, who thinks it's pretty special as well.


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