Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg on your face!

I hit the supermarket tonight to get some emergency chocolate egg supplies just in case the Easter bunny boycotts our place. For the first time in over a dozen years we are now a family of non-believers. Charlie kind of mumbled he thinks the Easter bunny is not true a little while ago, softly so the mystical rabbit wouldn't hear. So we'll see if he still comes on Sunday.
I have catered for everyone in the household except me. I'm on the 12 step program from Chocoholics Anonymous, and have only fallen off the wagon a few times since December. Once being when I found myself in Haigh's in town leaving with a bag of their choccy teddies!
This Easter my eggs of choice will be free range: scrambled, fried or broochy!1. Fried Egg Brooch Scotatto 2.Nesting Mama Brooch -Betty Jo Designs
3.Chicken or Egg Brooch -Betty Jo Designs 4..Boiled Egg and Soldier Brooch Love from Hetty & Dave.

P.S. I just made my first Etsy Treasury! Nobody told me that making a treasury is so much fun.....Happy Easter holidays to one and all!!!!!

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