Saturday, April 23, 2011

You say Fun, I say Funny.

In blogging land we all love a good adjective. I just discovered a comprehensive list here if you ever get stuck for that perfect descriptive word.
BUT, there is a word that is regularly used to describe my work and it's not on this list.
The word is "FUN".
Craft is Funny
According to this website "There is a tendency in English to make nouns into adjectives. Sometimes this is necessary because there is no related adjective and the word does not sound right when a suffix is added to it. However, sometimes this is done because of a misunderstanding of the language. One such misunderstanding is the use of the word fun."
But I'm not sure I'd prefer people to use the correct description. Is my work Funny? Mmmmm.
I laugh a little when ever "NEAT" is used too. My work isn't that neat? I reckon it's a bit on the messy side.
But I really like the adjective "OFFBEAT" Not conforming to an ordinary type or pattern; unconventional: . It conjures up images of beatniks and bohemians going against the norm and searching for a unique way of living and creating outside of the bourgeois mainstream culture.
I was kindly invited to share pics. of my place on a popular American blog "Offbeat Homes".
Alas, I don't live like a beatnik (anymore!) and I think the term bohemian has been so watered down that almost everyone can identify with something of a bohemian lifestyle. But Offbeat I like!
Anodised Kitchen Formation
So there you have it. My Funny, Messy, Offbeat "Contemporary Bohemian" contribution to the world wide web.

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