Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mexican Duck Soup

After the disappointment of yesterday (which I'm well and truly over by the way) I thought I would write about some happy things that have happened lately.Mexican Dress
Today I am happy to be wearing my sweetly embroidered Mexican dress that I bought at a garage sale last year.I finally got around to sewing in the seams so it fits me (it was size 18-20). Perfect for this sunny Melbourne day.
Last week I spied some wooden flying duck shapes over on Handmade Life.Thanks Ramona for sharing.
Then Cam got her detective hat on and tracked some down nearby and not only got some for herself, but purchased some for me. Nice huh!
This is the first guy of the set hanging with his Trixie Delicious "Legless" pal. His two smaller brothers will be coming soon!
Last Friday I had a lovely time visiting Dawn Tan's Pop-Up Shop at Harvest Textiles. There was bubbly, and soup, and chocky chip biccies! And lots of beautiful illustrations. Now I own this wonderful hand printed Vegy Soup tea towel designed by Dawn that is hanging on my kitchen door (no dish wiping with this baby!)


  1. Not quite perfect. If YOU took in the seams Cam, it would be perfect!!!!!!!


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