Friday, May 6, 2011

Cuckoo Clock Action.

There's been some Cuckoo Clock action in Betty Jo's studio. Three Cuckoo Clocks
Now to package up these babies and send them to their new homes. This is always the nerve wracking bit as you are placing your blood, sweat and tears in the hands of Australia Post.
Lets just say my "trusting nature" is always tested when I say goodbye to these packages.
I much prefer to hand deliver if possible. Preferably to somewhere right round the corner.Like Curious Oyster Shoppe. Yay to Annaliese for a great article in the Leader newspapers this week. I spy Annalise wearing a Betty Jo fox brooch and there's a Betty Jo Coat clock in the background. Noice One!


  1. Oh I can't wait to get mine. They are all so gorgeous. I really like the one in the left of the photo. It looks like it could be for me even. Maybe I'd better splurge for my birthday and finish paying off my clock!

  2. They are just gorgeous Liz...
    Very pretty indeed...and I think they will be looked after wherever they go...

  3. Thanks Michelle,
    I'm only worried about the Australia Post people not looking after them.
    Have you seen the way the parcel guy hurls the boxes around in his van?


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