Saturday, May 7, 2011

(Don't) Surprise Me!

Bunch of Balloons
I'm not a big fan of surprises. I like knowing about stuff before it happens eg. sex of babies, movie endings, presents ( I was a champion snooper as a little girl).
I think it's a small way in this crazy universe that I can avoid being caught off guard, because good lord it already occurs with much regularity in my life and the less it happens the better.
I know there are many of you in the other camp that relish life's unknowns and would never for a minute find themselves reading the last page of a novel or happily encouraging the nurse at the 18 week ultrasound to reveal the gender of the bubba.
I shudder at the thought of a surprise party, although a few nice surprises here and there are fine. Finding some money in a coat pocket, getting home and discovering the floors are vacuumed. You know, little things. What "Surprise"camp are you in?So for this Mother's day, I know what I'm getting.
1.P.J .Harvey's new album "Let England Shake" 2. Sister Outlaw's cool Queen's head brooch (I know this because I just bought a red one for myself!)
3.Rob Ryan mugs from Lark 4. Hopefully some peace (this may not be a given). Loving this beach debris Peace Sign from Gooseflesh.
And, if there is a surprise for me too, I won't mind a bit!


  1. Hey Liz. Don't mind surprises but appreciate it when my husband gives the kids a bit of direction. Have received some doosy earrings in the past 8 years that I'm collecting to melt down someday to make some extra special 'decade of Mothers' Days' earrings with. The kids must have worked it out as I've never worn them. :o\ They've tried, but if only my hubby would help to steer them a little there might be some improvement!

  2. Haha, I think it would be pretty brave of my family to buy me jewellery.

  3. Liz, I am very much in the same camp as you. I too used to snoop at all the presents when I was a kid (glad I wasn't the only one). I even buy my own birthday/mothers day presents!

  4. Well I appreciate that they try but it's very brave of anyone to buy me anything. Been known for my fussiness since I could formulate words! Last year's birthday present has been resold on ebay - but I must say the best surprise today was a sleep in and waking to find the kids had "posted" cards under the door. Perfect!


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