Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Browsing.

After a forced blogger hiatus, I didn't feel like rushing back to the computer to get my fix of bloggy satisfaction. Instead I browsed and had a quick sticky beak at Pinterest. I found this beautiful staircase fancied up with the vintage lino offcuts pulled up in the house reno.
Oh for a vintage lino stairway to heaven.
Lately there has been a lot of oohing and ahhing over my Beach plastic series on Flickr. It's nice to be able to generate some attention to the rubbish polluting our seas.

playing with my fundus

Have a looksie at the super gorgeous Beach Beauties series by German artist Sabine Timm aka Virgin Honey. She brings life to piles of beach debris in her sweet naive style.

all sorts of different people  ;)

Now the weather is so freezing, afternoon catnaps are the go. My big girl Lily did this illustration yesterday to explain how our cats morph into hot water bottles with out prompting. Here we have the cat under and cat on top of the blanket nap she had yesterday! COSY or what!

Cat Nap

Speaking of Hotties, Curly Pops is hosting a very special project . Craft a hottie cover for the Hottie Challenge and help a very worthy cause. Details here.

Owl Hot Water Bottle Badge


  1. Isn't it weird how the enforced blogger break makes you pause and think.... I'm sure I'll be back into it tomorrow though!
    That's one cutie patootie hottie brooch.

  2. That staircase is so bloody gorgeous! Will be showing the builder (husband) and begging for a replica!!!

  3. I would kill for stairs like this.....Maybe I should realise my dream for a second floor extension to get me some!

  4. A little secret - I have your blog header in my pintrest! It is just so bloody gorgeous! xx


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