Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nature Stripping!

The event that this crafty scavenger has been waiting for the whole year has been happening this week! The City of Moreland Hard Rubbish Collection. It is the time I go cruising off the beaten track to my studio and find *Stuff* on nature strips, curb sides and back alleys.I always make sure I have a purpose in mind for the junk I pick up, so as not to go overboard.
I was fairly restrained this year, but I did find some very vintage lino that is being worked into a few clocks,
a turquoise chair for visitors to my studio,
New Owl and Chair.

some cutlery drawers for an installation I am doing (sneak peek),Drawers of Colour

a cute painted stool and some woolly blankets ( all clean and dry in plastic ) for another project (or maybe for my four legged friends to snuggle in).

I think most of the junk in Moreland has been picked up by now. Which can only be a good thing for traffic flow through Brunswick as the stop /start cruisers like me now just keep moving!!!


  1. Love it! Nothing like a scavenge!!!

  2. LOVE it!!! love all your finds.
    those blankets are wonderful.
    have fun with the lino ♥

  3. Ours finished just after school holidays but I managed to pick up a number of things in other parts of Brunswick. Standard fans are a very common find but I mostly picked up loads of different sized wheels and casters for eyes. My girls have taken to groaning as I suddenly swerve off the road and start to back up!!! XD

  4. Fabulous Finds, it's amazing what people want to get rid of.
    Have a great week

  5. oh I love hard rubbish week.. glad you had some finds♥

  6. How amazing is it to find such clean blankets on the nature strip. We have our clean up next week but the town has been hanging out so desperately for it that they started putting things out last week. I'm trying not to look as we hope to move in a few weeks but old habits die hard. I keep seeing turned table legs, a huge picture frame made from recycled palings and other things that I would love to have or use . Just keep driving I say and leave the stripping for other people. Cherrie


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