Friday, June 24, 2011

Lino Shout Out!

Hello out there in blog land. I'm just popping in to make a quick request.New Melissa Shoes: "Kissing"
Does anyone know of a house, shop, building or even a rundown dilapidated lean-to that still has some very vintage lino on the floor. If you do , please let me know as I'm keen to get some images.
If the place is in a reasonable travelling distance from Melbourne I will come with my trusty Canon and snap some pics myself!
Alternatively, have you come across some awesome modern lino? Like the fabulous Fat shop floor in Fitzroy?Or this multi coloured opshop lino.I'm planning a wee project about Linoleum next month and would like to feature the real McCoy . Cool lino actually still on the floor and not on it's way to oblivion at the Tip.
If you can spread the word that would be ace. Me and my NEW Melissa "Kissing"Boots will be eternally grateful!


  1. The lino is all well and good but - where did you get those shoes????!!!

  2. Shoe information: The fantabulous OkOk in Brunswick is the bestest place for Melissa shoes. Enter at own risk though!

  3. how about the Arthur's Circus people's place which has lino was inspired by the flooring in 'Al's Toy Barn' in Toy Story 2?
    i recall seeing this in, i think, Inside Out magazine yonks ago and thought WOW!...ok..have just googled and found a link to their fab home featured on Apartment Therapy...
    see - great lino!

  4. Oh Yeah! Although Nat and family don't live there any more there is no harm in asking if i can use a pic or two.
    Thanks Ms. Daisy xxx


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