Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh So Crafty!

This week is shaping up to be Oh So Crafty! There is the opening of the Hottie Cover Challenge Exhibition on Friday night. I plan on picking up a new cover for my cold and lonely hottie!Hottie Invite

I am keen to see the results of Beci Orpin's residency this week at Harvest Workroom.
In the mean time, this week I am working on the BIGGEST creation I have ever made from Lino. It is for an up and coming installation. Here is a sneak peek. Can you guess what it is going to be?If you fancy yourself as an expert at guessing some other mystery objects, and maybe win a prize, pop over to Find, Make, Do this week to enter the "What am I" Giveaway.
Here are the MYSTERIOUS Objects........mmm what could they be????


  1. I so wish I was in Melbourne this week... Hottie Exhibition AND Bec Orpin pop up shop! Have a fabulous time at both!

    I think you're making a very big bird - look forward to seeing the finished work : )

  2. Can't wait for Friday night!
    I'm guessing the Find, Make Do objects are the bottoms of saucepans or frypans?

  3. I'll see you at harvest textils I hope Liz. Can't make Friday night. It's the twins birthday and I'll be swamped under their ambitious cake decorating demands. J x


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