Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crafty Heaven

There's a special shop in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne's CBD called L'uccello, filled with vintage haberdashery & other fancy goodies . It was the perfect spot to visit yesterday to pick up an old buckle or two. Just right for the handles of these Aunty Mabels's Handbag Brooches.
Handbag Brooches
There is an Open Studio event at the Nicholas Building today and tomorrow.
Or else you can come to the Nicholas Building next week to the POP UP Studio Sale in the room right across from Buttonmania ( seriously dangerous) and a few steps down the hall from L'uccello.
It's gonna be Crafty Heaven if you ask me!


  1. they are totally fabariffic!

  2. divine♥
    definitely aiming for a trip into the city next week to see your PopUp


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