Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Birds.....

Flying Rosy Ducks
These three birds will be heading North to "Two Birds" Gallery in Toowoon Bay.
Bowl O' Fruit
And this Bowl O' Fruit brooch is going to hang around Melbourne so it can be part of this......
Tutti Frutti


  1. Oh lovely, can't wait to see more 'fruity' designs.♥

  2. I am tempted to comment on every single post but I must congratulate you Liz on having a kitchen that is "too busy" to publish! Fantastic. I love the Australia brooch, the Ballarat lino haul and I am very much looking forward to seeing Tutti Frutti. I swear that little green apple brooch was mine once....I wore something very similar on my magenta pink overalls ... :)


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