Thursday, July 14, 2011

Busy Owls

I have discovered a sure fire way of selling my clocks. Visit the shop with the clock in store and decide to either swap it or remove it for a refresh. Then wait.
In no time at all a customer will arrive and ask to buy the clock that is no longer there. It has happened too many times to be a coincidence.
Yesterday at Craft Victoria I had taken an Owl clock to the car and swapped it with another when sure enough , a lovely girl appeared and asked to buy it. I had to do a quick sprint to the car to catch Mr.BJ before he drove off with it!
I don't care how they happen, or how fast I have to run, it's just nice to have a sale!
And in other news, my kitchen was deemed "too busy" to appear in the pages of a certain newspaper. Sorry, even if I tried I just can't do minimalist!


  1. awww i love your kitchen! it looks fab! Some people have no style, clearly

  2. Are you kidding me...your kitchen is awesome. When my kitchen grows up, it wants to be your kitchen ( :

  3. Ta Jay, I wouldn't call my crazy kitchen a role model right now!

  4. How odd - I have one of those photos of your kitchen 'pinned' on Pinterest! Maybe I found it on your own pinboards.

  5. I dont know what I want more...your owl clocks or three of your wall die for. Re your busy kitchen.... True artists have always suffered sneers from the mediocre xx Ava

  6. That's cool Jennie, I haven't been pinteresting for a long time.In fact there is a funny glitch and it won't let me sign in. Probably a good thing for less time wasting.
    So lovely of you Ava.You seem like a fellow "more is more "kinda girl.And by the way I have that Tretchikoff pint I spy in yout profile pic. She looks down on me when I'm on the puter!

  7. too busy? of course not, why there is even a HUGE expanse of table laminex with NOTHING but a jug of flowers on it. too busy...pffffit!

  8. Now that's a marketing strategy I haven't heard of!

    I love the look of your kitchen. It looks like a gorgeous place to hang out. I'm so not into minimalism.

  9. O wow your kitchen is amazing truly wonderful, that newspaper has no style. Hello what an amazing blog you have and beautiful things you make i think its smashing that you recycle from vintage items gone past i am a 50s and 60's loving girl myself. The lovely Cathie over at Me mentioned you to me hence my visit. I will be back soon, take care, dee x


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