Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where I come from........

My boy Charlie has good ideas. Yesterday in the car he said "Why don't you make a brooch in the shape of Australia." So I did.
A week or so ago an editor from The Grid Magazine, a weekly street mag from Toronto asked to publish a picture of one of my Rubbish Rainbows. Great I said.
Unfortunately the accompanying text was a little wrong:
"Turn trash into art:
Taking arty photographs of random stuff is fun. But New Zealand artist Elizabeth Jones (from Betty Jo Designs) takes it a step further. For her “Rubbish Rainbows,” she collects items that she finds along the beach and organizes them by colour and type"
Never mind. I'll just wear my "I Call Australia Home" brooch so there's no confusion!I couldn't get Charlie to stay still long enough to get an in focus picture ( could be the chocolate cake he just ate?)
By the way, my name is actually Elisabeth with an S, but NOBODY calls me Elisabeth anymore. If I hear Elisabeth it reminds me of my father having a growl at me as a child......"E-LIS-A-BETH, stop teasing your little brother."


  1. Love the brooch. It's so gorgeous. Amazing how wrong journalists can get things. I would have thought they would be meticulous with things like that, but it's not the case at all.

  2. Maybe the Canadian journalist has a chip on her/his shoulder about people thinking they're American. ;-)

  3. So glad you found a crafty way to attach Tassie!

  4. PS - I think calling you Elisabeth would be like calling me Camille!

  5. I agree with CurlyPops on the neat way you've got Tasmania in there. Hanging prettily, but NOT part of the mainland. (Lucky it's south of the mainland for this design, eh?)

  6. hahaha. Well, Elisabeth, I'm with CurlyPops: I think your hanging Tassie is brilliant. ;o) By the way: when are you heading back home to NZ??!


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